About Us

İstanbul Lindy Hoppers,

is the first dance school to bring lindy hop to city of Istanbul.

Activities starting in 2007, İstanbul Lindy Hoppers have established first lindy hop community, organizated dance workshops, concerts and different kinds of dance related events since then.


This community have made their audience and participants live the swing dance culture of 1920-30's, on every occasion they're part of. 


Aiming to show and make everyone feel the joy of swing era dances (Lindy Hop , Solo Jazz, Tap Dance,...), İstanbul Lindy Hoppers dancers are attending world class dance festivals, teachers known both locally and internationally, taking part and achieving successes among international competitions.


İstanbul Lindy Hoppers, also have been organizing Crossover İstanbul, Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Dance Festival for the past years, hosting international teachers, bands and dancers every year.

Harlem Taksim 0553 517 17 49

Savoy Kadıköy 0532 765 51 53

Frankie Besiktas 0552 581 12 34

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